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Revolutionary security at your fingertips.

Your card is in your wallet most of the time, right? When you're not using it, no one else should be, either. The Red Giant iPhone app controls your Red Giant Prepaid MasterCard®. Our unique, patent pending technology keeps your card locked until you want to use it. While your card is locked, transactions will not be authorized. Ready to pay? Touch a button in the Red Giant app and your card will work normally. You'll receive an alert letting you know when and where any transaction is attempted.

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Real time transfers, any time, any place.

You're on the go and so is your family. With Red Giant, you can send family members money in seconds, no matter where they are. The money you send is ready to spend as soon as they see it - no waiting to transfer it to some bank. What's better than that? This is: their cards are locked when not in use, just like yours, so you don't have to worry about a lost card. Plus, you have full visibility and can see all activity in real time. Perfect for kids as young as 13 - help them learn independence and responsibility.

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On screen receipts, always up-to-date balance, effortless spend tracking.

Spend smarter by staying on top of your plan. Set a spending target and let Red Giant keep track of how you're doing. Your balance and spending position appear right on screen when you unlock your card, so you're always informed. As soon as you make a purchase, they'll update to show you the result. Red Giant receipts are useful, too - make notes about your purchase, categorize it and download your full transaction list any time you want.

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Ready for you and your family.

Red Giant links accounts for up to four family members. In addition to real time transfers, you receive alerts, receipts and spending updates for all cards in the family. Sponsor an account for your child (as young as 13) and rest assured that you can see what's going on, as it happens. Plus, everyone uses the Red Giant app complete with all the tools to encourage sound financial habits. The entire family is covered at $9 per month billed monthly or $90 per year billed annually. Or, choose the Red Giant Personal Plan if all you need is an account for yourself. There is no monthly or annual service fee for the Personal Plan.

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We employ bank-grade security to protect your information. We're PCI-DSS Level 1 certified.


Red Giant works with virtually any US bank. Set up a simple link for funding and get started. Or, use direct deposit - its your choice.


Red Giant Prepaid MasterCard cards are accepted wherever debit MasterCard is accepted. We also support Apple PayTM.


You're mobile, so is Red Giant. Our groundbreaking mobile app gives you and your family unique, real time control over your daily finances.

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